FAQ's - Bomber Charters

1. What hours do we fish? We fish from 6am to 2pm, dock to dock, or whenever we limit... which ever happens first.

2. What should we bring on our charter? The list of suggestions is HERE

3. Can we fish for more than one species? Yes and no. Depending on the time of year, walleye and steelhead can be caught simultaneously in deep water, however perch charters require different styles of fishing and locations on the lake and should be treated as a separate charter altogether.

4. Where is the boat located? The dock and boat are located HERE

5. Is it customary to tip the mate? Yes it is! The first mate works hard for you to operate the back of the boat, set lines, net fish and help you and your guests have an enjoyable day. He will also fillet your fish and prepare them for you to take home. How much? A good baseline typically starts at 25 bucks per fisherman. Please reward your mate accordingly.

6. What kind of license do I need? All passengers 16 and older need a valid Pa fishing license with a Lake Erie stamp. If you are targeting trout species, a trout stamp is required. You may also use the combo Erie/Trout stamp. Purchase your license ahead of time.

7. Am I required to send a deposit? Yes, your deposit assures that your date is reserved for you. We can do a CC over the phone or a check for $100.00 can be sent HERE Policy: Deposits or paid in full trips are non-refundable. If your trip is cancelled for any reason (dangerous weather or poor fishing) as determined by the Captain, the trip must be rescheduled. Deposits not used during a calendar year will be carried over to the following year. The deposit can be used on any type of trip at any time. If you cancel the trip on your own, you must give a 30 day notice or the deposit will be forfeited.

8. How should I pay for my charter? We prefer CASH for the balance due at the conclusion of your day. No checks please!

9. Can we bring beer? Yes, but no hard alcohol please. If you are coming to get wasted, you have the wrong boat. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS OR FIREARMS! Even legalized weed is considered illegal on Federal waters. You WILL get busted, medicine or not. Leave it in your vehicle.

10. What size cooler can we bring? There is no strict policy here, but obviously we don't want to trip all over your monster cooler all day long while fishing. 120's and up should be avoided to save room. Always better to have a couple of smaller ones, than a coffin sized cooler! I mention this because it is a routine problem. Thanks!